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Moonshot was designed to help entrepreneurs and creatives to plan their next project.


Turn your idea into reality


As creators we understand having an idea is exciting, but making a plan can feel daunting. So we designed the ultimate notebook to help you launch your next project. 


Step One: The Idea

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Make it real by writing it down.

We believe the first step of making your idea a reality is to jot your idea down.


Step Two: The Plan


Plan your next big idea

Moonshot helps you make a plan for your project. We designed a planner that outlines some of the most important questions for your idea.


Step Three: Milestones


Complete Milestones and make your idea a reality

Moonshot is more than a notebook for holding your ideas, but also helps you achieve those ideas by setting milestones to reach.

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Start your idea from anywhere today



Available Now


Moonshot is available to download today for iOS.