Moonshot: The Notebook For Your Next Big Idea


As creators we are more than familiar with the feeling of excitement by a new idea. From rushing out to share the idea with others in hopes of gaining feedback and encouragement, to getting carried away thinking about the overwhelming amount of possibilities.

We understand pursuing an idea is hard work, there are many obstacles you will face during the course of making it a reality.

Something we always find ourselves doing at some stage is writing up a plan; that is if we haven't given up on the idea before actually starting.

Whilst making the plan may not always be the most enjoyable task, it is a great way to make an idea closer to becoming something real. However after spending the time making a plan, we know that sometimes it may stay saved in a folder and won't be modified again since its creation. 

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months and you still haven't looked back at the plan you created. Only to find out someone else has already launched the exact same idea. 

Theses are experiences we have also faced, so we decided to do something about it.

We have recently announced Moonshot, a notebook designed for entrepreneurs and creatives to plan their projects. 


"Take your project from idea to reality..."

Getting started is as easy as creating a project and jotting down the idea.

Each projects highlights the progress made, so you can see how far you have come since having the initial idea. 

We also built a feature called milestones, to help you take your project from idea to reality. These act like a traditional to-do list but designed specifically for your project. 

Moonshot was built to help people not only start their idea, but to also give them the motivation to make it a reality. So if you have an idea you want to start, make 2018 your year and try out Moonshot.

You can download Moonshot today on the App Store.  

We are excited to see what ideas you come up with and would love for you to share with us over on Instagram @AstronLabs