It has been an incredible month with lots of great feedback from users, and we can not stop thanking users for their support. After reading every comment from twitter to reviews, and due to much request here is our FAQ and our answers. 

Will and when will you release a native Mac app ? 

Short answer, yes. However the current focus is to continue building version 1.0 with version 1.1 coming out in Q3 and version 1.2 for the next iOS update. After these release we will focus on releasing the Mac app. 

Are you going releasing a web app ? 

Again yes we are. We are focusing at the moment on our core product and testing it with iOS users, then we will focus on Jottit for desktop. 

How do we reorder notebooks and tasks ? 

Unfortunately there was a small bug which which resulted in removing the functionality for launch, however in version 1.0.5 (available now) users can now rearrange checklist tasks, notebooks and shelves by hold and dragging the item to whichever place they want.

How do we change checklist themes ? 

There was no feature to change the checklist themes at launch. We were holding off for version 1.1 but due to popular demand, checklist themes have been added in version 1.0.5 for advanced users. There are 4 themes to choose out of with more to be added throughout future updates. 

How do we edit or delete a notebook ? 

To edit or delete a notebook first open the notebook, and then tap on the options icon (the three dots). The edit notebook window will appear and you will be able to edit the title, add to a shelf or delete. Similar to editing a notebook, to edit a shelf tap on the shelf name when the shelf is open. 

How do we add reminders ? 

To add a reminder to a checklist task, tap on the task and a details window will appear, then tap on reminder and add a reminder date. To add a reminder to a note, tap on the options icon when a note is open and then choose 'reminder' to add a reminder. All set reminders will be displayed in the reminders tab for users to keep track of, edit and delete. There currently is no feature to directly add a reminder to the reminders tab.

Why does support not work within the app ?

The in app support is to reach out to @jottitapp via twitter, however we have realised if you are not logged into twitter on your phone settings then this option does not do anything. In version 1.0.5 we has changed 'support' to 'twitter support' as well as added a contact form on our site. 

What are shelves ?

Shelves are like real shelves, they hold your notebooks. To help keep notebooks organised we created shelves to give notebooks categories or topics. For example if you add a shelf for college, you can add all your college notebooks to the shelf keeping the notebooks window clean and your notebooks organised. 

As mentioned Version 1.0.5 is now available to download, and we have added 'Tips' to the user menu with a guide for users on the different features of Jottit. Checklist themes have also been added for advanced users as well as an updated edit notebook window. If you wish to reach out to us then the best place to do so is on twitter @jottitapp