We would also like to take this moment to thank everyone who has downloaded Jottit. The app is only three days old and we have a pretty big update with version 1.0.1 addressing the following, 


  • A new tutorial has been added to help people get started
  • Improved add notebook window
  • Bug fixes regarding master notebook and performance
  • New Header images for shelves, master notebook, checklists, notes and user window
  • User window UI has been improved

The app preview in the app store has been removed because it no longer represented the app with version 1.0.1 now live. We are working on a new preview as well as a getting started video guide. 

The product page for Jottit has also been updated for Jottit reflecting the updates mentioned.

Update** We are aware of the notes view displaying all notes from the users notebooks instead of unassigned notes for quick access. Unfortunately version 1.0.1 was already submitted, this bug will be addressed in a separate update and should be available by the end of the weekend.

Until then do make sure you download the latest version 

Download Jottit 1.0.1