We could not be more excited to share what we have been working on the past year.

The goal was never to just make a single product but a range of products helping people with different areas of their life. That is why Nexpick was not created as a start-up company and never treated as such. However not ready to be announced at the time of launching Nexpick pre-alpha in 2015, we continued testing the pre alpha build of Nexpick whilst working on Xebula and the products we would love the build for people.

Now we are happy to announce that Xebula is the start-up company behind Nexpick and we sharing the announcement with the launch of Jottit. 

Jottit for iOS

Jottit is a iOS productivity application for people to organise their notes, to-do lists and tasks. We understand that finding the right productivity app can be a troublesome task on its own. We have spent a lot of time using different apps and spending an awful lot of money doing so in our personal lives, however we found it ultimately came down to choosing between a to-list or a note taking app. Therefore we set out to fix this so people did not have to choose one or the other, but have both and keep them organised with notebooks as well as categorise notebooks in shelves. 

We look forward to sharing the adventure with everyone, and will continue to work on both Nexpick and Jottit to ensure they become the products we set out the create, as well as creating new experiences with other projects. 

We would like to thank everyone that has supported Nexpick over the past year, the pre-alpha build received great feedback that we appreciate from our users but now we look forward to finishing the alpha. 

All product announcements and updates will be posted first here on our blog. Both Nexpick and Jottit have their own twitter accounts. Xebula has a Instagram account for beautiful high quality images of our products and featured images posted by users. 

For now make sure to download Jottit and support Nexpick by signing up to request an invite to join the Alpha when in goes live.