In 2014 during the development of Nexpick we found ourselves often switching between productivity applications. Even though there are a lot of really great apps out already, however they are ultimately either a to-list or note taking apps. When realising this we started a side project called 'nextnote' to jot down tasks and notes, this would allow us to only manage one app when working on projects. 

After announcement of Nexpick in 2015 we decided to spend more time thinking about nextnote, which would later become Jottit. It was important to us to make sure the core of the app was about the ability to use the great features of both checklists and notes whilst keeping everything organised into notebooks. 

Today we are excited to announce that Jottit is available of the iOS app store for download.

Jottit allows users to jot down notes, to-do lists & tasks as well as keeping them organised in notebooks. Users can also create a shelf to store notebooks. 

Jottit shelf.

"Is like having an organised library of bookshelves in the palm of your hand to keep notebooks organised"

For example, a user could create a shelf called college and add notebooks which are used for college. Then they could add a notebook used for a checklist or to save notes, as well as a master notebook which they could use to store both checklists and notes.

We like to think of master notebooks as a true digital notebook where each page can be used to jot down a list or notes. Using shelves is like having an organised library of bookshelves in the palm of your hand to keep notebooks organised. 


We look forward to hearing everyones feedback via twitter by tweeting @jottitapp. To find out more about the features of jottit such as checklist gestures, how to use tasks and using notes visit here

Thank you for reading and to download Jottit from the app store visit this link