Since Jottit released in March the app went on to being featured on the App Store as 'Best New Apps', 'Apps Loved by Apple' & 'Best Of April'; something which surpassed our expectations and we would like to thank everyone who supported the app.

We have been listening to feedback via Twitter and have made some improvements and changes for update 1.1.

Initially the app was designed around the idea of creating one of three notebooks which can either be used for taking notes, a checklist or a notebook for both notes and lists; the later being exclusively for advanced users, which required an additional £1.49 via an in-app purchase. However this seemed to complicate things for us going forward and the user experience, so Jottit now only has one notebook for taking notes and creating lists. 

After making this change we decided to revamp the UI design to make things simpler and easier to use. The core of Jottit is to be able to take notes, create checklists and manage tasks within one app, so our new updated design focuses on these experiences. 

Jottit 1.1 also supports iOS 10 and 3D Touch. Users can use 3D Touch shortcuts from the home screen, preview bookmarked notes and expand notifications. Reminders use iOS 10 notifications to display more information and make actions to remind again tomorrow or next week. 

Since Jottit launched our most requested feature was the ability to share and complete checklists with others, so when Apple introduced iMessage apps we knew we had to build checklists for iMessage. So with Jottit 1.1 we have introduced 'Checklists by Jottit', an iMessage app for creating, sharing and completing checklists within iMessage conversations.


We hope people enjoy the latest update and here's a list of what's new in version 1.1.

• Redesign
• New Logo
• iOS 10 Notifications for Reminders
• Today Widget
• 3D Touch Shortcuts
• One Notebook For Everyone (Users now only create a single notebook for lists and notes)
• Add Due Dates & Reminders At The Same Time
• New Tutorial
• New Checklist Themes
• New iMessage App For Checklists
• Upgraded iCloud Sync
• Improvements All Around & Bug Fixes