What's New in Jottit 1.1


What's New in Jottit 1.1


Since Jottit released in March the app went on to being featured on the App Store as 'Best New Apps', 'Apps Loved by Apple' & 'Best Of April'; something which surpassed our expectations and we would like to thank everyone who supported the app.

We have been listening to feedback via Twitter and have made some improvements and changes for update 1.1.

Initially the app was designed around the idea of creating one of three notebooks which can either be used for taking notes, a checklist or a notebook for both notes and lists; the later being exclusively for advanced users, which required an additional £1.49 via an in-app purchase. However this seemed to complicate things for us going forward and the user experience, so Jottit now only has one notebook for taking notes and creating lists. 

After making this change we decided to revamp the UI design to make things simpler and easier to use. The core of Jottit is to be able to take notes, create checklists and manage tasks within one app, so our new updated design focuses on these experiences. 

Jottit 1.1 also supports iOS 10 and 3D Touch. Users can use 3D Touch shortcuts from the home screen, preview bookmarked notes and expand notifications. Reminders use iOS 10 notifications to display more information and make actions to remind again tomorrow or next week. 

Since Jottit launched our most requested feature was the ability to share and complete checklists with others, so when Apple introduced iMessage apps we knew we had to build checklists for iMessage. So with Jottit 1.1 we have introduced 'Checklists by Jottit', an iMessage app for creating, sharing and completing checklists within iMessage conversations.


We hope people enjoy the latest update and here's a list of what's new in version 1.1.

• Redesign
• New Logo
• iOS 10 Notifications for Reminders
• Today Widget
• 3D Touch Shortcuts
• One Notebook For Everyone (Users now only create a single notebook for lists and notes)
• Add Due Dates & Reminders At The Same Time
• New Tutorial
• New Checklist Themes
• New iMessage App For Checklists
• Upgraded iCloud Sync
• Improvements All Around & Bug Fixes



Jottit FAQ April 2016


Jottit FAQ April 2016

It has been an incredible month with lots of great feedback from users, and we can not stop thanking users for their support. After reading every comment from twitter to reviews, and due to much request here is our FAQ and our answers. 

Will and when will you release a native Mac app ? 

Short answer, yes. However the current focus is to continue building version 1.0 with version 1.1 coming out in Q3 and version 1.2 for the next iOS update. After these release we will focus on releasing the Mac app. 

Are you going releasing a web app ? 

Again yes we are. We are focusing at the moment on our core product and testing it with iOS users, then we will focus on Jottit for desktop. 

How do we reorder notebooks and tasks ? 

Unfortunately there was a small bug which which resulted in removing the functionality for launch, however in version 1.0.5 (available now) users can now rearrange checklist tasks, notebooks and shelves by hold and dragging the item to whichever place they want.

How do we change checklist themes ? 

There was no feature to change the checklist themes at launch. We were holding off for version 1.1 but due to popular demand, checklist themes have been added in version 1.0.5 for advanced users. There are 4 themes to choose out of with more to be added throughout future updates. 

How do we edit or delete a notebook ? 

To edit or delete a notebook first open the notebook, and then tap on the options icon (the three dots). The edit notebook window will appear and you will be able to edit the title, add to a shelf or delete. Similar to editing a notebook, to edit a shelf tap on the shelf name when the shelf is open. 

How do we add reminders ? 

To add a reminder to a checklist task, tap on the task and a details window will appear, then tap on reminder and add a reminder date. To add a reminder to a note, tap on the options icon when a note is open and then choose 'reminder' to add a reminder. All set reminders will be displayed in the reminders tab for users to keep track of, edit and delete. There currently is no feature to directly add a reminder to the reminders tab.

Why does support not work within the app ?

The in app support is to reach out to @jottitapp via twitter, however we have realised if you are not logged into twitter on your phone settings then this option does not do anything. In version 1.0.5 we has changed 'support' to 'twitter support' as well as added a contact form on our site. 

What are shelves ?

Shelves are like real shelves, they hold your notebooks. To help keep notebooks organised we created shelves to give notebooks categories or topics. For example if you add a shelf for college, you can add all your college notebooks to the shelf keeping the notebooks window clean and your notebooks organised. 

As mentioned Version 1.0.5 is now available to download, and we have added 'Tips' to the user menu with a guide for users on the different features of Jottit. Checklist themes have also been added for advanced users as well as an updated edit notebook window. If you wish to reach out to us then the best place to do so is on twitter @jottitapp


What's New: Jottit Update 1.0.3 & 1.0.4


What's New: Jottit Update 1.0.3 & 1.0.4

Jottit for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Version 1.0.4 is now available to download which all the great features of 1.0.3. and some improvements. 

• Introducing Jottit for iPad
• Apple Watch Support to view upcoming tasks
• iCloud Sync
• Introducing Markdown Light for notes
• Redesigned Tasks Tab - for better task management
• UI Improvements
• Checklist left half swipe gesture to change due date
• Notes now save when swiping back
• Sound effects turn off when listening to background music
• Price of advanced mode has been reduced by half

Version 1.0.4:

• Fixed Share button on iPad
• Completing upcoming tasks no longer removes task but marks as completed
• Other bug fixes & More improvements 

What's Next: We have been listening to feedback and are testing gestures animations and customisable themes as well as other improvement. 


What's New: Jottit Update 1.0.2


What's New: Jottit Update 1.0.2

First we would like to thank everyone who has supported Jottit on it's first week on the app store. It means a lot that our product is helping people be productive and organise. 

Also some huge news, we were featured as a best new app by apple ! We spent almost a year working on Jottit and did not imagine it on the homepage of the app store, all we hoped for is to help people. 

Now on to the updates.. 

Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 is now available to download and we recommend everyone to update who has the app already installed. 

Here are the list of updates. 

  • Bookmarked notes & unassigned notes are found in one tab
  • A new reminders tab has been added to help users track all their tasks & notes reminder
  • Add already existing notebooks to a shelves - this means you can always add or edit which notebook a shelf belongs to. When a notebook is open displaying it's checklist/notes tap on the notebook name to edit the name, add a shelf. 
  • Bug fixes for refreshing the UI when deleting bookmarked notes or notebooks. 
  • Other bug fixes regarding refreshing and updating the UI
  • Performance updates for stability and overall robustness

Thank you again for downloading and supporting Jottit we looks forward to the rest of the year. We have listened to our users and will continue to improve and add features that enhance the core experience. 

Download the update here. 





Whats New: Jottit Update 1.0.1


Whats New: Jottit Update 1.0.1

We would also like to take this moment to thank everyone who has downloaded Jottit. The app is only three days old and we have a pretty big update with version 1.0.1 addressing the following, 


  • A new tutorial has been added to help people get started
  • Improved add notebook window
  • Bug fixes regarding master notebook and performance
  • New Header images for shelves, master notebook, checklists, notes and user window
  • User window UI has been improved

The app preview in the app store has been removed because it no longer represented the app with version 1.0.1 now live. We are working on a new preview as well as a getting started video guide. 

The product page for Jottit has also been updated for Jottit reflecting the updates mentioned.

Update** We are aware of the notes view displaying all notes from the users notebooks instead of unassigned notes for quick access. Unfortunately version 1.0.1 was already submitted, this bug will be addressed in a separate update and should be available by the end of the weekend.

Until then do make sure you download the latest version 

Download Jottit 1.0.1


Introducing Jottit - The Notes, To-do list & Tasks Organiser


Introducing Jottit - The Notes, To-do list & Tasks Organiser

In 2014 during the development of Nexpick we found ourselves often switching between productivity applications. Even though there are a lot of really great apps out already, however they are ultimately either a to-list or note taking apps. When realising this we started a side project called 'nextnote' to jot down tasks and notes, this would allow us to only manage one app when working on projects. 

After announcement of Nexpick in 2015 we decided to spend more time thinking about nextnote, which would later become Jottit. It was important to us to make sure the core of the app was about the ability to use the great features of both checklists and notes whilst keeping everything organised into notebooks. 

Today we are excited to announce that Jottit is available of the iOS app store for download.

Jottit allows users to jot down notes, to-do lists & tasks as well as keeping them organised in notebooks. Users can also create a shelf to store notebooks. 

Jottit shelf.

"Is like having an organised library of bookshelves in the palm of your hand to keep notebooks organised"

For example, a user could create a shelf called college and add notebooks which are used for college. Then they could add a notebook used for a checklist or to save notes, as well as a master notebook which they could use to store both checklists and notes.

We like to think of master notebooks as a true digital notebook where each page can be used to jot down a list or notes. Using shelves is like having an organised library of bookshelves in the palm of your hand to keep notebooks organised. 


We look forward to hearing everyones feedback via twitter by tweeting @jottitapp. To find out more about the features of jottit such as checklist gestures, how to use tasks and using notes visit here

Thank you for reading and to download Jottit from the app store visit this link


Welcome To Xebula


Welcome To Xebula

We could not be more excited to share what we have been working on the past year.

The goal was never to just make a single product but a range of products helping people with different areas of their life. That is why Nexpick was not created as a start-up company and never treated as such. However not ready to be announced at the time of launching Nexpick pre-alpha in 2015, we continued testing the pre alpha build of Nexpick whilst working on Xebula and the products we would love the build for people.

Now we are happy to announce that Xebula is the start-up company behind Nexpick and we sharing the announcement with the launch of Jottit. 

Jottit for iOS

Jottit is a iOS productivity application for people to organise their notes, to-do lists and tasks. We understand that finding the right productivity app can be a troublesome task on its own. We have spent a lot of time using different apps and spending an awful lot of money doing so in our personal lives, however we found it ultimately came down to choosing between a to-list or a note taking app. Therefore we set out to fix this so people did not have to choose one or the other, but have both and keep them organised with notebooks as well as categorise notebooks in shelves. 

We look forward to sharing the adventure with everyone, and will continue to work on both Nexpick and Jottit to ensure they become the products we set out the create, as well as creating new experiences with other projects. 

We would like to thank everyone that has supported Nexpick over the past year, the pre-alpha build received great feedback that we appreciate from our users but now we look forward to finishing the alpha. 

All product announcements and updates will be posted first here on our blog. Both Nexpick and Jottit have their own twitter accounts. Xebula has a Instagram account for beautiful high quality images of our products and featured images posted by users. 

For now make sure to download Jottit and support Nexpick by signing up to request an invite to join the Alpha when in goes live.