Founded in 2015

We are a technology software company based in England. Our goal is to create tools to help people do the things they love whilst creating a space for creatives to collaborate on projects. 

Our first child was Nexpick - A social network for organising and sharing the things you care about. 

Nexpick Alpha was a responsive web application that launched as invite only in 2015. 

In March 2016 we launched Jottit, a passion project which aimed to bring together the best of notes, to-do lists and task management - the first and only of it's kind. 

The productivity app would become featured on the App Store as "Best New App" & "Apps Loved By Apple", as well as go onto being featured for several promotions. With thousands of users worldwide we are committed to designing and building our vision to help people get more done.

We continue to design, test and build products in hopes to offer great tools to help people do the things they care about.